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Sapphire Crystal Glass(SCG)

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Sapphire Crystal Glass(SCG)


This Sapphire Crystal Glass(SCG) is jewelry.
SCG has the same compostion and crystal structure with natural sapphire
Mohs Hardness “9” behind Deamond.

Pull up vaule with jewel and keep your tools in safe with strong hardness of SCG

SCG has the world best quality by making with advanced quality control system and semiconductor substrate process of Hansol Technics Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

With the vision of man-cenrtic, technology-based and future-oriented mamagement, Hansol Technics is growing to the leading company in the components and material sector, such as EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service), LED Ingot/Wafer and solar Module, based on technology and innovation Hansol Technics is making every effort to be a leading company in the business of
1) Electronic components for digital power, solar inverter, LED TV BLU
2) LED ingots, wafers
3) Solar Module
based on top-level of quality, R&D ablility, innovative cost competitiveness